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Duet WiFi Case Assembly | CR-10S 3D Printer

An enclosure for the Duet WiFi control board and all printer electronic components that can be fastened to the frame of the CR-10/CR-10S 3D printer.

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Design Engineer
Tools Used:
Duet WiFi Control Board, Solid State Relay, Heater MOSFET, Power Switches, PSU, 40 mm and 50 mm Case Fans, Autodesk Fusion 360


A link to these files can be found on my Thingiverse and GrabCAD pages.

This has been a long work in progress but I have finally finished the first working prototype for my Duet WiFi case. The intent behind this specific design was to be able to enclose the various electronic components that are utilized in my highly modified CR-10S. I was able to wire and contain everything in an organized way by using a combination of flex guard convoluted tubes and zip ties.

FYI: This build requires almost a full kg of filament depending on slicer settings. So be sure to have a full roll of filament ready and make sure your printer is dialed in before attempting to print these large components.

This case is designed to contain the following components:

1X Duet WiFi Control Board

1X Solid State Relay

1X Heater MOSFET

2X Power Switches

1X Power Supply

2X 40mm Case Fans

1X 50mm Case Fan

I have personally made my own board to handle the 24V to 12V step down for case fans and the inductive sensor using the following transistors.

Hardware Needed for Assembly of components may vary depending if you purchase the earlier mentioned electronics or not, but I used the following below:

Duet Wifi Board --> 4X M4x0.7, 6mm lg screws with 4X plastic washers
SSR  --> 2X M5x0.8, 5mm lg screws
Case Fans  --> 6X M4x0.7, 14mm lg screws
Power Switches  --> 4X M4x0.7, 6mm lg screws
Heater MOSFET  --> 4X M3x0.5, 5mm lg screws

The Duet Wifi Case and PSU case are designed to be mounted onto the CR10 frame with screws and T-Slot nuts so that the unit can be moved without carrying the components individually. However, it is still advised to be CAUTIOUS when moving the assembly as an adequate amount of weight will be cantilevered off the edge of the frame.

DISCLAIMER: I claim no responsibility for any damage that may result from assembly and wiring of electronics incorrectly, or drops resulting from inadequate mechanical fastening.

3D CAD Design Credit

Duet Wifi_Phil Maddox - GrabCAD
DC Power Supply_Luca - GrabCAD
URBEST Power Switch_Richard Bruning - GrabCAD
Uxcell SSR_Xinchao Song - GrabCAD
Flexible Motor Coupling_Eoghan O'Duffy - GrabCAD
NOCTUA 40mm Fan_Sean - GrabCAD

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Assembly Instructions

  • Fasten the Base Mount and PSU Mounts to the CR-10 frame with machine screws and T-Slot Nuts (Optional).
  • Fasten the SSR onto the Base Mount next and make sure to connect all wires to it at this time.
  • Fasten the MOSFET board onto the Base Mount and connect all wires to it at this time.
  • Fasten the 4 case posts (CAREFULLY) into the Base Mount.
  • Fasten the Duet Wifi on the case posts with the plastic washers and machine screws. Be sure to hold each of the case posts while doing this as the external threads on the posts can break if not careful.
  • Install and fasten the power switches and case fans onto the Hinged mount
  • Install the Hinged Mount to the Base mount. The orientation is specific as this can be installed only one way. Do not force these pieces together.
  • Install Power Supply to the PSU Mount and fasten with machine screws.
  • Finish all remaining wiring until satisfied and close the case and secure with a zip tie (Optional)